STEM work with Mrs Hawkins

26th May 2017

Mrs Hawkins is engaging young people in a cross curricular activity hands-on experiment to cover Data Handling for Mathematics and so much more...

The pupils are growing tomato plants but each group have different quantities of fertilizer to see if - too much of a good thing - 'fertilizer' is good or not!

 Developing thinking skills – De Bono six thinking hats

This project is linked with developing pupils thinking skills, using De Bono six Thinking Hats. As the pupils work through each step of the science experiment, Mrs Hawkins discusses with the pupils which thinking skill is involved.

The aim is for the pupils to do their own experiment:  

How do different conditions affect the speed at which fruit and vegetables ripen?  This is the effects of fertiliser on ripening tomatoes.   Pupils will design an experiment to increase the ripening of tomatoes. The pupils will use the skills they have learnt using De Bono six thinking to help them structure their own planning of their experiment.