Croft Farm

13th July 2022

Primary went to Croft Farm water park as our PE session and end of term trip. The children took part in different water sport activities- paddle boarding, kayaking and then had lots of fun on the pedeloes and splashing around in the water. All of the children listened carefully to the instructions given by the staff so they knew what they had to do. The children showed great resilience and determination as the practised the skills needed to paddle-board and kayak . They learnt they needed different paddles for each activity and how to balance and steer . As a final activity the children went out onto the lake on flamingo and dragon pedeloes with their friends . They enjoyed jumping and sliding off the slides into the water. Everyone enjoyed their packed lunch looking out over the lake after a very busy morning. All of the children were well behaved and respectful and were great representatives for GFAPS .