BARK 2017

1st January 2017



 Please follow the link on Twitter and BARK out loud!


BARK is our new creative collective. We are young people from across the FOD who will shout out loud and make a difference to our lives and embrace our community values by creating a new space for positive progress to be made.


•We will embrace and care for our natural environment, it is our canvas.
•We will utilize the power of street art style to reach out and communicate with all.
•We will increase knowledge and understanding about a range of social issues.
•We will provide a new platform for discussion and debate in our community.
•We will celebrate all leisure, training and work related opportunities in the FOD.
•We will increase kinship and belonging in the FOD spanning every generation.

GFAPS Workshop 1 – free hand spray skills and idea development

Wydean School Workshop 1 – idea development and free hand spray skills with Tom Sledgemore

The Dean Academy workshop 1 – idea development, stencil cutting and free hand spray skills