GFAPS Careers Information

Careers Team:

Mr R. Clemow


Phone: 01452 528955 ext.409


Link Management Committee Member:

Philippa Dancey




Gloucester & Forest Alternative Provision School seeks to maximise the life chances of all of our young people and so it is crucial to prepare young people for life beyond school and college. The values and principals of our school support developing: ‘knowledge, skills and attributes Gloucester & Forest Alternative Provision School students’ need to lead successful and happy lives’

The objectives of the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance policy are as follows:

  • To ensure that all students at the school receive a stable careers programme
  • To enable all students to learn from information provided by the career and labour market
  • The Careers programme should be individual and address the needs of each student
  • To link the curriculum learning to careers learning
  • To provide students with a series of encounters with employers and employees
  • To provide students with experiences of workplace(s)
  • To ensure that students have a series of encounters with further and higher education
  • To provide each student with the opportunity to receive personal guidance



At GFAPS there is a dedicated careers office and careers library, which is open throughout the year, and holds a supply of local college, school sixth form and university prospectuses along with a selection of apprenticeship and industry information. The office is based at Russet House. Careers advice is also held at the Raikes Centre. 


Professional Advice:

One to one support is provided by the ‘Jobcentre Plus support for schools adviser’, Alan Clark. An adviser visits the school once a week during term time to provide information, advice and support on a one to one basis or in small groups.

Our aim is to arrange at least one half hour appointment during KS4 for every single GFAPS student. Most will receive two meetings, with many more students also receiving individual advice in Year 9.


Measuring Impact:

Gloucester and Forest Alternative Provision School will assess the impact of its careers programmes on students by completing an annual student survey and analysing destinations data in line with activities that they have taken part in at school. In addition, the views of students and parents will be surveyed after key events during the academic year.

Post 16 Information:

We use Compass +, which is a nationally used online tool, to track students' final destinations. It informs us of what interests and activities they like. We record work experience, employer encounters and visits to colleges/universities.


To read the full Careers Policy please click on the link to go to the Policies page of our website. 

Reviewed and Approved by the Management Committee: 21 October 2020

Careers Questionnaires:
We have created questionnaires for everyone interested in our careers programme at GFAPS to find out your views on the careers advice and support at GFAPS.  We would love to hear your views.  Please click on the appropriate link below:
If you are a parent please use this questionnaire
If you are a student please use this questionnaire
If you are a teacher please use this questionnaire
If you are an employer please use this questionnaire
Thank you.