The School Day



The school day runs from 9.15 am to 2.15 pm, with primary pupils participating in Forest School on Mondays and PE sessions on Wednesdays. There are also visiting specialists in Music during the week.


Each pupil follows an individually designed programme suitable to their age, aptitude, ability and individual circumstance. All pupils follow a programme of Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education focusing on their confidence and emotional well-being.  Additional subjects and educational visits may form part of the integrated curriculum; work experience may be arranged for older pupils.



Parents and Carers retain responsibility for journeys to and from the Centre.  If the Centre is more than 2 miles from your home for Primary pupils or 3 miles for Secondary pupils it may be possible to apply for transport or help with transport costs.

Pupils should arrive at the agreed time.

If your child cannot attend please notify the office before the start of their session. Failure to inform the Centre will mean that the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.



As we may need to contact you at any time about your child, parents and carers must ensure that the Centre always has your most up to date telephone contact details. 

We also need to have a reserve, or other emergency contact number, to reduce the possibility of a delay in dealing with any circumstances.

This ensures that we can work together at all times to achieve the best interests of your child.



Pupils are expected to settle to their work quickly, work hard, and show respect to the staff and other pupils.  They will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct agreement before they begin their tuition.

Teachers have high expectations and will deliver lessons in a way that encourages enjoyment and learning.  They will make ongoing assessments of each child’s work, needs and progress, and will report to parents and carers as necessary and at least three times a year. 

Parents and carers will be kept informed whenever the Educational Psychologist has been involved.