February 2022

13th February 2022

Primary Plant Trees at Gloucester Tip


Just before half-term primary visited the old Hempsted tip site to plant trees . The aim is to create a giant new woodland of 100,00 native trees and eco park at the old landfill site and recycling centre . We met Meryck from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and Grahm from Enovert who own the site and they took us to where the woodland is going to be created . It was all very exciting . They showed us how to plant the tees . Everyone had their own spade and trees to plant . It was very hard work but really good fun . The children planted cherry, hazel and willow trees . We learnt that the trees were called saplings or whips when they are small . The children collected compost for big piles to put around their trees once they were planted . In total primary planted 29 trees. The children were excited to think about 10 years into the future when they would be 16,17 ,18 and 19 years old and what the trees would look like then . They have all planned to come back and visit the eco park to see the trees they have planted . This was a trip related to our topic this term - 'Our Planet , our Future ' . It really was the best morning !!