The majority of our Year 11 pupils attend Russet House.  At Russet House, pupils follow programmes that enable them to achieve GCSEs in English, Maths and Art.  They can also achieve technical awards in Health and Social Care, and Sports Studies.
A vital part of every pupil's education is their social development, and this is given a high priority.  We provide a safe, secure and caring environment which encourages confidence and self-belief.  Tutors organise regular reviews with parents/carers to update them on academic and social progress.
We also try to ensure that all of our Year 11 pupils follow a vocational course offered by one of our alternative providers.  This year, Year 11 pupils are studying any of:
  • Construction
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Land Based Studies, or
  • Creative Arts Awards.
The aim of our curriculum is to ensure our pupils leave our Centre with a range of qualifications that will allow them access into further education, training or the workplace.
We work closely with a range of services to ensure that the needs of every pupil are identified and met whilst they are with us.  We work particularly closely with agencies and services which secure employment and training opportunities after Year 11.
All pupils that attend our school benefit from the work we do to support each pupil's social and emotional development.  We have a Thrive practitioner and two practising therapists on our school staff.  Counselling is also provided for our pupils through the work we do with Infobuzz.
The curriculum for pupils in Years 3 to 10 is designed to maintain learning in the core subjects.  We also aim to develop key skills that support pupils to re-engage successfully in a mainstream setting through the delivery of the PIXL Alternative Edge Programme.

At GFAPS the Primary Department allows students at KS1 and KS2 to access a broad and balanced curriculum based on the primary national curriculum. A variety of interventions and approaches also support the emotional and social needs of our pupils. Each setting provides a highly nurturing environment to support our pupils to make progress academically, socially and emotionally. Pupils are provided with challenge so that they can succeed in our settings and in their next school.

Pupils in KS1 and KS2 access lessons in english, maths, science, computing, PSHE, art, PE and topic. Each topic is developed as part of a creative and collaborative curriculum. Our curriculum aims to develop thinking skills, team work, promotes self-esteem and independent working through a range of activities. We use all of our activities, trips and lessons to promote and nurture positive behaviours and values in our pupils. 

In KS1 our pupils learn phonics through resources from a range of sources. These are adapted to meet the bespoke needs of each learner. Similarly, our reading scheme uses books from a range of sources. Pupils access these in both KS1 and KS2. By using a range of reading schemes we hope that pupils will be familiar with a range of reading materials when they move on to a new setting.

Our aim is to support pupils, so they can return to school equipped with the skills needed to be successful learners.

For more information please contact the relevant centre and ask to speak to the Centre Lead.