Chicks are hatching at GFAPS

13th July 2020
In Primary we have incubated some eggs as part of our science topic learning about life cycles . It took about 3 weeks for the eggs to hatch.It was amazing to watch the chicks from when they first were 'pipping' to when they came out of their shells . We have loved watching the chicks grow day by day and learn about what they need to grow and survive . We have learnt how to pick them up very gently. They are very noisy and 'cheepy' ! We have particularly enjoyed reading our reading books to them when we arrive at school. We also have been thinking of adjectives to describe them - cheepy, delicate, soft,gentle,curious,funny,fluffy,patterned,hoppy,happy,little. We have have also learnt about the life cycle of a frog and dandelion plants .