Beautiful Mural by Staff and Pupils

13th July 2020
 We are creating an amazing mural at Raikes Centre to celebrate the thoughts and aspirations of all the pupils.  The pupils (and staff) have worked so hard to create this in our reception area - what a beautiful entrance for visitors to see. 

Over the past couple of weeks, two of our pupils have been working on a mural to display in the Raikes foyer. This mural showcases the progression that our students face whilst attending one of our centres from coming in (at the roots) with a very negative mindset to their last step before they blossom and reintegrate into a mainstream school plus the positive mindset that comes with that (at the branches and leaves). Check out the pictures to see what they have done from start to finish.

Our mural is now complete!  Beautiful end product with a lovely message. 

It's been a wonderful experience seeing the students so passionate, willing and dedicated - they have done a fabulous job!